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With ReStaffy we found a specialised company that helps us each month.

Anne is an account manager for a global producer of natural ingredients for food and beverage industries. As a side-project Anne runs a small yoga studio. She likes to help people stressed from busy city-life and demanding jobs to relax, find strength and motivation, realise their full potential and become a better version of themselves. Anne’s yoga studio offers early-morning and evening classes three times per week and special master-classes once a month. Each month on a Saturday Anne invites a special guest: a paint therapist or a psychologist, dancing or singing teacher. A yoga practice and the session with the invited guest are followed by healthy drinks and snacks. 

Of course each event goes hand in hand with plenty of mess to clean up afterwards. Anne’s been working with a local cleaning agency since the studio opening. It was an unpleasant surprise when the agency went out of business. 

Finding a reliable partner for business is always a challenge. Anne asked several friends for recommendations and they referred her to ReStaffy, an online platform that helps businesses find reliable service providers for their one-off and regular projects. She created a project on the platform and got two responses from specialised companies ready to take on the cleaning job on the same day.

“After-event cleaning is always a challenge”, says Anne. “Now we have a specialised company that helps us with regular and after event cleaning and I can concentrate on developing ideas for future master-classes with no worries about the necessary clean up”. 

Looking for reliable service providers to take care of your essential business tasks?   -   Try ReStaffy today!


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