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A B2B services marketplace

From one business to another

We understand that finding the right service provider can be challenging, which is why we've made it our mission to provide a platform that makes the process easy and stress-free. We wanted to build something where you can access a wide range of service providers who have been thoroughly vetted and selected for their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality. A one stop-shop with consistency, reliability and risk management.

We are on a mission

ReStaffy is more than just a marketplace - we're a community of businesses and service providers who share a passion for helping each other succeed. We work tirelessly towards reducing the need for layoffs. By building long-lasting relationships between clients and service providers and supporting them every step of the way.
Alexander Savinykh
ReStaffy founder
Nicole Marchesani
Marketing director

Developing a platform we wished we had. ReStaffy story and vision

“As an entrepreneur, I often had to struggle with recruiting partners for new projects of my mobile and web application development firm, Kaerus Tech OÜ”, explains ReStaffy Founder Alexander Savinykh. “I spoke to multiple business owners from various industries and more than a half of them faced the same challenge.
Finding a reliable partner for a project is a resource-consuming task: more than half of the businesses face challenges in finding the right provider. They name long and inconvenient search, limited pool of providers and lack of reliable information about the provider’s qualifications as the main issues. Almost 40% of businesses ask for recommendations, when they need to find a provider, and almost 50% - conduct internet research.
“A solution occurred to me”, continues Alex. “What if we create an online platform with carefully picked service providers, in-platform reviews and ratings so businesses can simply and comfortably choose the right partners whom they can entrust their projects to? And ReStaffy was born. First as an internal project for Kaerus Tech OÜ. In several months we’ve decided to open up the platform for other businesses.”
“We want to foster an environment where businesses can easily share their resources and expertise”, says Nicole Marchesani, Director for Marketing and User Acquisition at ReStaffy. “By connecting companies in need of services with those that have available resources, we aim to create a more efficient and sustainable business community that benefits all parties involved.”

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