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ReStaffy brings businesses together for mutual success - Kadri story

Iris and Kadri, two accounting business owners, faced different challenges at the end of 2022. Iris, who had been running a company with eight employees since 2006, found herself in a tough situation when one of her long-term clients closed operations. This led to a decrease in her team's workload and the company's profitability. On the other hand, Kadri, a one-person accounting firm, was struggling to keep up with an increased volume of invoices from her clients.


How does a business find new clients?

Iris, with a heavy heart, considered dismissing one or two of her accountants because of the decreased workload. "For 16 years, I've been proud of never having to make personnel cuts. I was devastated at the thought of letting some of my team members go," she shared.

Meanwhile, Kadri was feeling overwhelmed with the growing number of invoices and reports she had to handle. She needed a temporary subcontractor for the high season, so she decided to post a project on ReStaffy, a B2B services marketplace.

Kadri explained, "I had heard about ReStaffy, and I was hopeful that it could help me find the support I needed during the high season. I never imagined the incredible partnership that would develop from it."

Upon discovering Kadri's project on ReStaffy, Iris saw a fantastic opportunity to keep her team employed and assist another accounting business in need. She quickly responded to the project, and within a couple of days, her company was supporting Kadri by processing invoices and submitting monthly and year-end reports.

Iris remarked, "ReStaffy connected me with Kadri, and our collaboration saved my team and helped Kadri manage her workload. It was a win-win situation for both of us."

Kadri added, "Working with Iris and her team was a lifesaver. Their support allowed me to focus on my clients and provide them with the quality service they expect. I can't thank ReStaffy enough for making this possible."

ReStaffy serves as a valuable resource for businesses seeking projects and partners. The collaboration between Iris and Kadri is a testament to the platform's ability to help companies overcome challenges and find mutual success.

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