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I can now outsource a legal team to structure labour agreements for my business. Cheaper than firms I had to use before.

Tarmo is a board member of an IT company in Tallinn, Estonia. His company specialises in software and hardware implementation, integration services, and custom software development. They have a diverse and talented team of in-house full-time and part-time employees, and regularly require external expertise to tackle complex projects.


How to find a legal agency for IT company?

The gig economy has opened doors for Tarmo, providing access to a global pool of skilled professionals. However, finding the right partners and managing diverse labour agreements was a challenge. Until he discovered ReStaffy. 

ReStaffy has been instrumental in helping Tarmo find a legal agency that met his expectations in terms of both speed and quality. By using the platform to outsource the legal structuring of labour agreements with his employees, Tarmo was able to focus on what truly mattered: managing the team and driving the projects forward.

“What sets ReStaffy apart is its ability to streamline the process of finding and connecting with service providers,” says Tarmo. “The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive list of vetted companies make it easy to find the right fit for our specific needs. As our company continues to grow and evolve in the IT industry, we know that ReStaffy will be a valuable resource for accessing the services and expertise we need to stay competitive.”

Tarmo came to ReStaffy to find a legal partner for the diverse labour agreements of his company. But he also discovered the incredible value that the platform brings to businesses seeking external expertise. ReStaffy has become an invaluable resource for connecting with business partners and external service providers. This innovative B2B platform has made the evergreen task of connecting with partners Tarmo needs to keep the business moving forward much easier.

Looking to expand your business network and access top-notch expertise? - 

Sign up at ReStaffy and find the right partner for your business.


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