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I was impressed with the speed of finding the provider

Kersti finished renovation in her small coffee shop in the center of the Old City of Tallinn and was left with the task of finding a provider for a thorough clean up before reopening.

Her regular cleaners specialized in supportive everyday cleaning and were not able to help.

With a few clicks Kersti posted a project on ReStaffy and within hours she got several responses from Tallinn-based agencies.
She looked through reference cases of the cleaning providers and picked the one with the top rating on the platform.

Kersti was impressed with the speed of finding the provider and satisfied with the quality of service. She recommends ReStaffy to business owners who are looking to streamline their operations and save time on finding service providers.

Need a company that specializes in certain tasks and services and need some time to focus on business? - Create a project on ReStaffy to find the perfect service provider for you. 

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