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I hired two additional accountants since I’ve started to use ReStaffy

Lauri, the head of an accounting company, started his business journey in 2003 with a clear mission: to provide top-notch accounting services to small businesses in the city of Tartu. With a focus on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth referrals, Lauri's business grew steadily, and he soon rented an office and hired a team of accountants to keep up with the demand.

However, ensuring a steady flow of new clients was a challenge, especially in a tough economic environment. With the support of a local marketing agency Lauri tried both traditional and online campaigns, but none of them seemed to be as effective as he hoped. That was until he discovered ReStaffy.

Lauri became one of the first users of ReStaffy and was immediately impressed by the platform's user-friendly interface and the vast pool of potential clients. He created a profile for his firm, posted a description of offered services, and uploaded reference letters from clients, showcasing the company’s expertise and credibility.

He checked in regularly to browse through ReStaffy's listings and was able to secure a constant flow of new projects for his team. The platform provided a cost-effective solution for Lauri to reach a wider audience and connect with potential clients, eliminating the need for expensive digital marketing campaigns.

As a result Lauri's accounting firm continued to grow and he was able to hire two additional accountants in 2023. 

"I’ve hired two additional accountants since I’ve started to use ReStaffy and was able to take my business to the next level. The platform gave me the opportunity to reach a wider audience and connect with new clients." - said Lauri.

Lauri's story is just one of many examples that demonstrate the power of ReStaffy in helping small businesses reach new heights and succeed. If you're an accounting firm looking to expand your reach and secure new projects, ReStaffy is the perfect solution for you. 

Join the ReStaffy community today and start growing your business!


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