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With ReStaffy my team is fully booked!

How to find clients for claning agency? 

Since 2017 Sofia has owned a cleaning agency in Tallinn. Her team specialises in everyday cleaning of office spaces. For a couple of years, Sofia had been thinking about introducing some additional services, such as deep cleaning of newly built or remodelled commercial properties. However, this portfolio extension required a significant investment in special equipment, additional training for her team and new hires. Sofia was unsure if she could get enough orders to justify such an investment and was hesitant to hire new people whom she might have to lay off if there were no orders.

To attract clients for her new services, Sofia researched various options and decided to try ReStaffy, the online platform that connects businesses with various service providers. 

Sofia created a profile for her company on ReStaffy and started browsing through the listings daily. She was pleasantly surprised by the number of available projects and the ease of use. Sofia responded to projects of companies who were specifically looking for the services she was offering and was able to secure new projects for her team without the need for expensive marketing campaigns.

“With ReStaffy my team is fully booked”, says Sofia. “I’m proud to say that my business is thriving and that’s in times of slow economy and without a high marketing budget.”   

For small businesses, just like for Sofia’s, ReStaffy offers a cost-effective solution to reach new clients, and ensure a constant flow of customers. By creating a company profile on ReStaffy, they can showcase their expertise and secure new projects without significant marketing investment or hiring additional sales staff.

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