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ReStaffy adds reviews and ratings feature to boost transparency and confidence for B2B collaboration

New feature allows clients and service providers on the platform to share feedback on joint projects, promoting an efficient and transparent business environment.


What's new?

ReStaffy, the B2B services marketplace, has recently added in-platform reviews and ratings, fostering transparency and trust between clients and service providers. Both parties can now share their experiences, giving other businesses insight into a potential partner's competencies and ability to deliver.

The ratings system is based on feedback from ReStaffy users, with average scores reflecting a company's service quality, ability to meet deadlines, cost-value ratio, and willingness to refer the company to others. Reviews are published on ReStaffy as soon as both parties involved in a project leave feedback about each other to ensure a more fair experience and avoid situations with misleading and irrelevant feedback.

Aleksandr Savinõhh, Founder & CEO at ReStaffy emphasises the importance of recommendations in choosing a service provider: "Businesses often rely on recommendations when selecting a partner. Our in-platform reviews and ratings provide valuable information for companies seeking service providers, and for providers selecting projects and clients based on the experiences of their peers. ReStaffy combines the best of word-of-mouth marketing with digital reach, providing businesses access to independent evaluations of their potential partners."

With the recently added chat and rating features ReStaffy goes the next step to support  efficiency, streamlining business operations through convenient search, provider/client qualification, and seamless communication.


About ReStaffy:

ReStaffy is an innovative online B2B services marketplace that connects companies with pre-vetted service providers from various industries, simplifying the search and qualification process. The platform offers a cost-efficient marketing and client search solution for service providers while providing a one-stop-shop for businesses in need of professional services. To find the right service provider for your project, sign up at 

If you're a service provider looking to offer your services on ReStaffy, register at

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