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Perfect match with new ReStaffy features - company search, company profile and publication promotion

Finding service providers for your business and offering your services has become easier than ever with ReStaffy new features

The latest version of the platform that connects companies with B2B service providers  features an array of updates, including company search, enhanced company profile pages and promotion of publications to help companies find the perfect match even easier. 

ReStaffy helps companies find service providers for their projects and outsource some of their business processes. Service providers use the platform to find new clients and projects for their teams.

Search by company

Thanks to the added search by company feature, registered users can now easily find all companies in the needed industry and see all services or projects of these companies on the platform. Search results can be even more elaborated by location and qualifications filtering for efficiency and time saving. To protect privacy and avoid spam, communication with the found companies can be started only by responding to their publications with service or project descriptions on the platform. 

Paid subscription

With the new release we are also introducing a paid subscription plan. Core platform features, such as creation of publications and access to companies’ listings are available within the free plan. Additionally the paid plan includes unlimited access to company contact details (20 contact views for the free plan per month) and unlimited number of responses to publications of other companies (20 responses per month for the free plan). 

The paid plan also features enhanced company profile pages. They enable ReStaffy users to better showcase their expertise and take full benefits from the built-in search engine optimization tools. The new company page has a personalized cover-image and multiple links to social media accounts or other external web-resources. Two new sections - cases and gallery - complement and amplify the personalized look and feel. In the cases section users can demonstrate their achievements with completed projects’ descriptions, certifications, awards or reference letters from their customers. Cases can be supported by images, presentations or other pdf-documents. Multiple photos can be uploaded as galleries to attract more attention.   

The paid plan can be activated for any period of choice starting from one month. To give ReStaffy users even more control, there is no automatic subscription renewal. Users can switch to the paid plan only if and for as long as they need it. 

When a service provider or project is needed on a short notice, ReStaffy users can activate promotion of their publications to the top of search results. Such promotions maximize reach and response and can last for 3, 7 or 14 days. 

The new platform version helps companies to better showcase their services and projects and streamline communication with potential business partners. ReStaffy makes new projects and partnerships happen. Visit and start finding your future business partner today.

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