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Stronger together: quickly find customers or contractors with ReStaffy

ReStaffy helps businesses optimise their costs while searching for an outsourced team or new client projects. 


Outsourcing is a widely-used business practice to cut costs while delegating non-core tasks to third-party companies and focusing on the core competencies. However, according to the recent  survey, about 90% of the companies using outsourcing services face significant challenges in finding reliable service providers. Among main issues businesses name lacking relevant experience, missing qualifications and limited pool of providers. The most popular tool for finding a services provider remains recommendation - by a partner company or company engaged in similar business.  


On the other side outsourcing services providers invest significant marketing resources to attract new customers, try to rearrange employees to internal projects when existing client agreements end and even have to terminate labour agreements with specialists for whom they cannot find new client projects. 


To support Estonian and further European businesses we are launching ReStaffy - an online platform where they can find a reliable outsourced specialist or team or offer services of their company. 

Feedback and reviews by real companies who already worked with a specific services provider take the recommendation approach to the next level. To services providers ReStaffy offers a cost-efficient alternative to traditional paid marketing activities and access to real clients.    


“The first rollout will cover Estonia with further extension to Baltics, Scandinavia and the complete European Union and serve the whole range of industries, from software development to accounting, from cleaning to agriculture and construction,'' comments Alexander Savinykh, ReStaffy founder. “Our goal is to create a community where businesses help businesses save time and have full performance guarantees, while searching for contractors, or find new clients while saving on marketing costs. We welcome Estonian companies to join the initiative and build a strong and healthy business community together”.   


About ReStaffy: 

ReStaffy is an Estonia-based online B2B platform that helps businesses easily find contractors for their tasks and new client projects for their specialists.

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