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Top 5 ways to increase sales over the holidays

Boosting B2B sales during the holidays can be a challenge, but it's also an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the holiday spirit and increased business activity. Many companies use the last few days of the year as an opportunity to burn through their planned budgets and increase spending for tax purposes. That's why it's important to use this opportunity to increase sales wisely, which requires strategic planning. Here are top 5 effective ways to increase sales and boost turnover during the New Year's holiday season:

New Year promo and specials

Create special New Year's Eve promotions and discounts to drive sales, such as limited-time offers, package deals, or exclusive discounts on holiday season sales. Highlight the promotion's savings and holiday nature in marketing materials. For example:

– offer discounted annual subscriptions or service packages when businesses sign up or renew during the New Year;

– to encourage B2B customers to renew their contracts early in the new year, offer additional discounts or gift services.

The goal is to sell more of your top margin products or services by providing a bonus-which can be a complimentary service or product at a lower cost to your business-to encourage them to buy more than usual.

Limited editions or exclusive seasonal products

Offer limited edition or seasonal items specifically for New Year's Eve. This can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, encouraging a transaction before these special products or services are no longer available. Consider thematically linking the product or its name to the New Year's theme. 

For example, if you sell goods - number limited edition products and communicate that only a certain number of copies are available, which increases their value and opens up a lot of marketing opportunities. Package limited-edition products in pre-designed gift boxes or packaging so that businesses can conveniently purchase them as gifts for customers or employees. This strategy not only drives sales, but also creates a positive and memorable holiday experience for your B2B clients. 

If you provide services - consider what exclusive service you can bring to the product line. This could be an all-inclusive offer (a set of your usual services offered as a "package"; or an offer related to strategy development for the coming year). For example, if you provide recruiting and training services, your limited New Year's offer could be a "Year of Employee Retraining" with a plan for each department, or an exclusive "Year of Up-Selling" service offering companies sales training throughout the year with goals set for the company and departments.

Gift guides and recommendations

Create holiday-themed guides or product and service recommendations to make it easier to select gifts for customers and colleagues. This will help showcase your products as the perfect holiday gift, driving more sales.

For example, compile a guide to the best corporate gifts by labeling your products and services at the top of the list, bringing additional attention to them.

Email marketing with a personalized approach

Run targeted email marketing campaigns focused on the New Year. Send personalized greetings, exclusive offers and new product announcements to your email subscribers. Use striking visuals and messages that resonate with the holiday spirit to attract attention and remind them of your company, products or services.

Engaging social media campaigns

Use the power of social media to connect with your audience during the holiday season. Run engaging and festive campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Encourage user-generated content, organize giveaways and share behind-the-scenes footage of your business' New Year's Eve celebrations. During the New Year, social media is sparked by the number of cool content ideas - use them to increase your company's visibility and gain new audiences.

Bonus tip

Strengthen customer loyalty by introducing special New Year's Eve privileges for existing customers in your loyalty programs. Offer early access to new products and services, or loyalty points that can be redeemed for discounts or free products or services in the future. Keep it simple and straightforward.


New Year's Eve is a crazy and extremely busy time for any business owner, but it's also a once-a-year opportunity. Be ready to compete for companies' upcoming budgets and grab the best of the market. Take full advantage of the ReStaffy platform to list your seasonal service offerings and find new valuable clients for your business.

Don't forget to track the effectiveness of your holiday campaigns by analyzing metrics such as sales, customer engagement and conversion rates. This data will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies and make informed decisions for future holiday seasons.

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