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Services and projects. What publications to create on ReStaffy?

ReStaffy is an online B2B platform that helps companies find subcontractors for their regular or one-off projects and outsource some of their business processes. Service providers use ReStaffy to find new clients. Our mission is to support companies in streamlining their operations and to reduce the number of layoffs by finding new projects for their teams. 

Once you have registered on ReStaffy we will ask you to create a publication. What is a publication and what type of publications to choose?

Publications on ReStaffy enable companies either to showcase their service offering and expertise or to describe the task for which they need a service provider. Companies connect to each other based on publications. Accordingly there are 2 main publication types available on ReStaffy: services and projects.  


Services are publications showcasing a service offered by a provider. 

They include the high-level category, such as accounting, legal services, web / mobile application development, IT support, residential building construction, cleaning, delivery and transportation, etc. This allows other ReStaffy users to find all service offerings they are looking for, for example all delivery services available in Tartu or all accounting services in Tallinn. 

Next part is the service name. This is already something that helps service providers differentiate and stand out, so it is recommendable to be precise and creative. Service names saying “Personal accountant for small and medium sized businesses”, “Estonian to US-GAAP financial reporting transformation”, “Intrastat, packaging and problem product reporting”, “Supportive every-day cleaning”, “After renovation cleaning services” attract more attention and save time on search and communication. 

Service description is the main “marketing” tool. It answers the questions “what exactly is included into the service offer and is this specific provider a good match”. Will this accounting company only file Estonian tax declarations, or also handle payroll, prepare financial statements, arrange financial analysis and planning, as well as treasury and forecasting? Do the accountants speak any foreign languages, in case for example you have a partner in France and need to process primary documents in French? Will the work be done fully remotely or the provider can also come to your office upon request? Service description provides details on the skills and expertise of a service provider and helps other companies understand if the provider offers what they need. 


Projects are publications announcing tasks for which companies need a provider. 

Similarly to services they include the high-level category, so service providers looking for new clients can see all companies looking for their services in a region, city, country or the whole European Union. 

Project name details the specifics of the works that need to be done. Same principle as with services applies here: precision and creativity. For example, a construction company looking for subcontractors can name the project “Construction garbage collection”, “Roof installation”, or “Concrete works for residential buildings”. Or a hair salon looking for a cleaning company can post a project “Window wash and clean up twice a week”.      

Project description includes further details to the works and sets requirements to the desired provider. This allows service providers to understand the scope of the project, determine if they have the necessary skills and expertise to take on the work and decide whether to respond to the publication.    



Both types of publications - services and projects - have a similar structure, with details that help match service providers with relevant customers and vice versa, and are necessary for effective communication. Businesses on ReStaffy are not limited to only one publication type and can simultaneously offer their services and search for service providers for their projects.


Looking for a service provider? - Create a publication with your project today!

Need new B2B clients for your team? - Offer your services on ReStaffy!


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