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Sub-Contractor for Software Development

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Technology / IT

With a development team of 250+ skilled people base in Hanoi, Vietnam. We provide highly qualified IT human resources and multi-programming languages ​​(Main communication languages: English, Japanese) where businesses can quickly recruit the right talent for their needs. Detail Techstacks: React JS, Node JS, Vue JS, React Native, HTML/CSS, PHP, Java, Cocos, Unity, Other…

We want to expand our presence in the European market and are willing to promote ourselves to support any Dosmetic Software Development firm in Europe with a professional yet reasonable development team (starting at a rate of 12$ US dollars per hour).

Location of work
Singapore (Singapore)
Location of team
Singapore (Singapore)
English (Fluent), Vietnamese (Native or bilingual), Japanese (Fluent)
Skills and Expertise
it subcontractor