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How to create a good publication

Here are some tips on how to make your publication more visible and get relevant responses.

1. Think about the title of your publication.

The more clearly you formulate the title of your publication, the easier it will be for companies searching for projects or service providers to understand that you are the right match for them. For example, if you are offering accounting services the “speaking” titles for you could be “Complete accounting outsourcing” or “Daily bookkeeping” or “Tax reporting preparation” Or if you on the contrary need a team for a construction project, you can choose among “Laying of the foundation for office building”, “Wall cladding” or “Water supply and sewerage works” depending on the specific project for which you need a provider.

2. Choose a relevant category.

When you create your publication with a service or project  you are prompted to choose the category for it. It is important to correctly define the category, so your publication appears in search results in the relevant section. 

3. Add tags.

Tags are specific tasks that need to be performed within a project you create or are done by your team within a service you offer. Add several tags that most clearly describe your project or service. For example, for our accounting services you can choose accounting outsourcing, tax accounting, tax reporting, outsourced accountant. etc. and for our construction company - office building construction, water supply and sewerage, interior decoration, etc. The more relevant tags you add, the higher your publication will appear in search.

4. Clearly describe your project or service you are offering.

A detailed description ensures you get more relevant responses.

When you create a project, think about providing details to the project milestones and key deliverables, requirements to the service provider, specify if it is a one-off project or do you need services constantly. Add your estimations to the amount of work, for example we need payroll calculation for our 10 in-house employees or we need a cleaning agency to do everyday cleaning of an office space of 100 sq.meters, deep cleaning of the same space once a month and on demand window washing. Feel free to provide any additional information about your company and/ or project that you think could be helpful.

Similarly when you create a service, describe major tasks you are ready to do and key deliverables for clients. Mention the target audience of your service: do you work for companies of all sizes or are better suited to serve a specific industry or business size? 

Specify are you offering services as a one-off project or regularly, what are your regular response times and do you provide any guarantees to your clients. Make sure to name the benefits of your service as compared to competitors.List here what makes your service unique and why clients should choose you over competitors. Add proof of quality and reliability if available and any additional information about your company and/ or service that you think could be helpful. You can indicate how long you have been in business, how many happy customers you serve - anything that will showcase your company expertise and credibility.  

5. Take advantage of paid promotional options.

ReStaffy users can choose between a free and a paid plan. Core platform features, such as creation of a company account and listings with services and projects, as well as access to the listings of other companies are absolutely free. The paid plan includes additionally unlimited access to company contact details, unlimited number of responses to publications of other companies and enhanced company profile pages. Such pages have a personalized cover-image and multiple links to social media accounts or other external web-resources. With the enhanced company profile pages companies can demonstrate their achievements in the case-studies section and upload multiple photos as galleries to attract more attention.  

One more option to attract attention to a publication with a service or project is promotion of the publication to the top of search results. Such promotions maximize reach and response and can last for 3, 7 or 14 days. 

All details to the paid options, pricing and subscription terms are available in the "Subscriptions" section in your personal account.