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Answers to your questions

Can I use your service as an individual?

No, we created our platform specifically for businesses, so you must have a registered company to use the platform. Companies can offer a level of reliability that freelancers simply cannot match and we at ReStaffy are committed to help businesses get their projects done with support of external service providers in the most efficient way.

Why search for service providers on ReStaffy? 

We gather qualified service providers with their offers in one platform and make sure that the data is accurate and up to date. You can save time on extensive internet research, get in touch with the selected providers and have a full overview on whom you have already contacted within the platform.  

Can service providers and companies posting projects on ReStaffy be trusted? 

We verify the companies that post their services and projects using data from official registers to make sure they are real companies. 

How do you verify the companies on the platform?

To register a company on the platform you need to provide the company registration number. Our moderators check the company using this number in official business registers. 

How up-to-date are service and project listings on ReStaffy? 

First of all we manually check each publication with a service or project to avoid spam. We regularly monitor the activities of each company on the platform and remove projects and service descriptions from search results in case of no activity for a month. We are committed to saving your time for search, that’s why we do this check instead of you.

How much does using ReStaffy cost?

Core platform features, like creation of a company account and listings with services and projects, as well as access to the listings of other companies are absolutely free. The paid plan costs EUR 49.9 per month (without applicable taxes) and includes additionally unlimited access to company contact details (20 contact views for the free plan per month) and unlimited number of responses to publications of other companies (20 responses per month for the free plan). Companies with the paid plan can also benefit from enhanced company profile pages. 

What are enhanced company profile pages and how can they help me get the most from ReStaffy? 

With enhanced company profile pages ReStaffy users can better showcase their expertise and take full benefits from the built-in search engine optimization tools. They have a personalized cover-image and multiple links to social media accounts or other external web-resources. Companies can demonstrate their achievements with completed projects’ descriptions, certifications, awards or reference letters from their customers in the cases section. Cases can be supported by images, presentations or other pdf-documents. Multiple photos can be uploaded as galleries to attract more attention.   

I have activated the paid plan for my company. Will ReStaffy bill me automatically each month?

The paid plan can be activated for any period of choice starting from one month. To give ReStaffy users full control over their spending on the platform, there is no automatic subscription renewal. Users can switch to the paid plan only if and for as long as they need it. If you don’t prolong your paid subscription plan manually, you will be automatically switched to the free plan and will not be billed anything. 

I need a service provider / project for my team on a short notice. Can ReStaffy help with urgent searches? 

When a service provider or project is needed on a short notice, ReStaffy users can activate promotion of their publications to the top of search results: publications with a service or project will be displayed on top in their specific category. Such promotions maximize reach and response and can last for 3, 7 or 14 days. 

I found the project for my team / service offer on the platform. What’s next? 

You can respond to the publication with the project or service within the platform. The other company will be notified about your response. Then you can use the provided contact details (email. phone, etc.) for further communication and clarifications outside of the platform. 

How do I communicate with the selected company?

Get in touch using the provided contact details. For now the communication is done outside of the platform.However we are working to implement an in-platform chat feature to make the communication easier and more convenient. We will notify you when the inside of the platform communication will become available. 

I no longer need ReStaffy services. Can I delete my account?

Yes, sure. You are in full control over your account at ReStaffy and can delete it permanently any time. Please note that in this case we won’t be able to restore your account if you decide to start using ReStaffy again later. 

Do you provide legal services? 

Legal support is not yet available in our service, so you will have to take care of the legal side of the agreement with the partner you have found on ReStaffy yourself.