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First steps

Welcome to ReStaffy!

This article will help you to start with ReStaffy, understand how the platform works and get the most of it. 


You get access to your company account right after registration. Your account is linked to your company: you create publications (descriptions of projects for which you need external service providers or services you are offering) on behalf of the company you are representing. In your company account you can create and manage your publications, track responses to your publications and manage your responses to publications of other companies. 


Step 1. 

Before you create a publication with a project or service please provide information about your company. Describe what you do, how long you have been on the market, in what industry you work. Please also include your company registration number. 

Our moderators verify your company based on the official registration number you provide. In case you indicate an incorrect number, you will receive a notification from our team with the request to correct the number. If you don’t correct your company registration number after the notification your account will be deleted.    

The information about your company is added to each publication with a project or service you create automatically. Please make sure to provide your contact details (email, phone, messengers - whatever is most convenient to you), so companies who respond to your publications can discuss the details with you outside of the platform, until the in-platform chat feature is live. To protect you from spam and unwanted communication your contact details are not visible to other platform users unless you respond to their publications. 


Step 2.

After you have filled in your company data you can go directly to search and find publications with projects you are willing to take on or services you need. You can also create your own publications with services you are offering or projects you need to have accomplished. 

To add a new publication click the big yellow “Add” button in the top right corner.  You can create a project (for example, water supply and sewerage for an office building in Tallinn) or service (for example, office cleaning services, daily bookkeeping and tax reporting). When you create a publication you are guided through the process with hints and support on each step. 

After you have created your publication it is automatically submitted for moderation and is checked by our team for accuracy, compliance with the project / service description requirements and platform publishing policy, Thus we make sure that ReStaffy users always have access to up-to-date information on projects and services and are protected from spam and obscene language. After the moderator approves the publication it goes live on the platform and can appear in search results. Usually the moderation takes up to 1 day. 


Step 3.

To get notifications on responses to your publications and further see the contact details of the companies who responded to your publication you need to verify your account. You will get an email with the verification link from us right after registration. Simply follow this link to verify your account. If you cannot find the email with the verification link you can request to resend it. Simply click “Send the link again” on the bar at the top of the screen in your account. In case you face any issues with the verification, please contact our support team at They will help you verify your account in real-time. We use the company verification to avoid spam and irrelevant projects and services and to ensure the best possible user experience on the platform.


Step 4.

When you find publications with projects or services that are relevant for you, you can respond to them within the platform. You can compose an intro message and attach media files to your response. The companies to whom you respond will be notified about your response. Unless the in-platform chat feature is live, all further communication to clarify the details and make the final agreement is done outside of the platform. You can use the provided contact details for this. We’ll notify you as soon as in-platform chat becomes available, so you can have all communication history within the platform. 


Step 5.

Congratulations, you are all set! Now you can search for publications with projects or services that are relevant for you or create your own publications and choose from the companies who respond to them. When you work with the free plan, you will be limited to 20 responses per month. There are no limitations in the number of responses if you go for the paid plan.


If you have any questions about the service or need support with search, simply contact us by creating a ticket in the "Support" section of your ReStaffy account.