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“Quiet hiring” as future of work and how ReStaffy helps this change happen

As businesses continue to navigate the challenges and uncertainties of the future of work, many are looking for new ways to adapt and stay competitive. One trend that is gaining traction is what has been dubbed "quiet hiring," an approach that allows organizations to bring in new skills and capabilities without increasing their headcount.

According to the recent Gartner study on the “Future of work trends for 2023”, "quiet hiring" is one of the key ways that savvy HR leaders will be adapting to meet the evolving needs of their organizations. This approach involves focusing on internal talent mobility, providing stretch and upskilling opportunities for existing employees, and leveraging alumni networks and gig workers to bring in talent on an as-needed basis.

The benefits of “quiet hiring” are clear: it allows companies to access new skills and capabilities without incurring the costs and commitments associated with hiring full-time employees. This can be especially useful in today's uncertain business environment, where companies may not be able to predict their long-term staffing needs with confidence. 

At ReStaffy, we believe that this trend is a valuable opportunity for companies to explore new ways of accessing the talent and resources they need to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business environment. We’ve designed the platform to connect businesses with qualified subcontractors and gig workers who can help them address a wide range of business needs on a flexible, project-by-project basis.

For example, if a construction company is facing a sudden demand increase, it can use ReStaffy to find skilled subcontractors to handle the extra workload. Or, if a hair salon needs to bring in some extra help to keep up with the demand for appointments, it can use our platform to find a reliable cleaning company to take care of the additional duties.

The goal of ReStaffy is to help businesses of all sizes find new ways to thrive in the face of change, by providing them with access to the resources and expertise they need to succeed. Whether you are a company looking to find new clients, or a subcontractor looking for new opportunities, our platform can help you take advantage of the exciting possibilities offered by the "quiet hiring" trend and other innovative approaches to the future of work.

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