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B2B service providers or freelancers: whom to choose when you want to outsource

Companies of freelancers?

When it comes to outsourcing certain tasks, businesses have a choice between working with freelancers or specialised companies. While both options have their pros and cons, more and more businesses are choosing to work with other businesses. Let’s explore the main benefits and limitations of each approach. 

Reliability and accountability 

+ B2B service providers 

- Freelancers 

B2B service providers offer a level of reliability that freelancers often cannot match. Companies can quickly replace specialists if they fall sick or are otherwise unable to perform their tasks for the client. This helps in minimising downtime and ensuring that projects are completed on time. Furthermore companies are legally liable for the work they perform, meaning the client is legally protected in the event of any mistakes or issues.

Specialised expertise 

++ B2B service providers 

+ Freelancers 

Both companies and freelancers offer access to specialised expertise that may be either not available or economically feasible in-house. However subcontracting companies have a pool of specialists available. This can be especially beneficial for businesses in need of a range of services, for example construction companies that need to hire architects, engineers, and construction workers. With a company as the service provider, businesses can be sure that they are getting the right specialists for the job, and they don’t have to worry about finding individual freelancers for each task.


+ B2B service providers 

- Freelancers 

B2B service providers can scale the amount of services for their clients much easier than freelancers. This means if the scope of your project changes a company most likely would be able to accommodate the changes, while a freelancer alone might struggle to bring the now bigger project to completion.   

Flexibility and cost 

- B2B service providers 

+ Freelancers 

Freelancers are often more flexible in terms of availability and can get to your project on a rather short notice, while companies need a formal agreement to start. The main benefit working with freelancers over a business is the traditionally lower cost. 

The cost concern of working with B2B service providers can be at least partially addressed by volume or partnership discounts. For example a construction company can benefit from discounts that their subcontractor has with suppliers of building materials, also ensuring that only high-quality materials are used in the project.


Ultimately, the decision between working with freelancers or B2B service providers depends on specific needs, project, situation and personal preferences. ReStaffy is the online platform, focused exclusively on connecting businesses with B2B service providers, as we consider the questions of reliability, scalability and accountability - vital for ongoing business success. 

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